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Born in 1993, Israel

Figurative painter,

Uses observational painting to convey the complex issues surrounding the rapidly evolving world in front of him.

His paintings include portraits and landscapes, with an emphasis on still-life paintings with fruits as a primary subject.

His last series of paintings includes nine still-life paintings featuring fruits in different stages of decay. The contrast between the healthy and rotten fruits and their positioning within the painting's composition personifies the fruits and establishes a link between life and decay.

Student at studio Hatahana under the artists: David Nipo, Aram Gershuni, Hedi Ben Nun, and Adam Cohn. Additionally, a Shanker B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) student.

Furthermore, as a multidisciplinary artist, he works with printmaking, abstract sculpture, and photography, primarily staged photography, where he and his spouse, the photographer Eva Bellaiche, create large and complex photoshoot sets filled with colorful objects. 


Through in-depth observation, I strive to capture the present moment, bring it to reality on the canvas, and reveal the hidden essence and shapes that the scene preserved.

I paint from observations on the idea that reality shifts and flits before our eyes, and I seek to record the brief occurrence that is taking place in front of me.

As a figurative painter, I want to reveal the intrinsic beauty of the items I depict while painting with a keen eye for detail. In order to enable the audience to understand the tensions and beauty between life and decay.


I appreciate the opportunity given to me to share my creative process with you.



Student at studio Hatahana under the artists

David Nipo, Aram Gershuni, Hedi Ben Nun, Adam Cohn


Shenkar B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree


Head of the AGC club at Shenkar Fine Arts 

(group of 20 artists)



Exhibit a still life painting in a group exhibition at Inga Gallery


Presents "Tomatoes” panting at “WRITE-HAUS” magazine (issue number #03)


Exhibit a few paintings in a group exhibition with the "Tomer Ben Hurin Art Association"


Exhibit the painting “9.11 Landscape” in the group exhibition "Fantasy Judgement: The Dynamics of Imagination"


Exhibit a few paintings in a group exhibition at Romanov Gallery; curator: Olisia Romanov.



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